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Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
in the Year 2001

by Mariya, age 16
Northgate High School, Grade: 11
Walnut Creek, California


The Way I Feel
by Reed

There's one thing I don't understand:
It's why white people were like that?
Why they wouldn't let black people drink at some fountains?
Why they wouldn't let black people eat at some restaurants?
How would white people feel if black people treated them like that?

The only person who made sense was Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lawson, Missouri
Grade 3


What Martin Luther King Jr.'s
Name Means to Me.
by Matthew D. W., age 10

M stands for the Man who had a dream.
A is for the amazing things he did
R is for the respect of his fellow man that he gained
T is for all the trials and tribulations that he endured on our behalf
I is for the impact that he has had on all of our lives
N is for the negative face of reason that he had to face

L is for the love for all mankind that he had
U is for the unity of all races that he strove for
T is for his teaching of love and not hate
H is for the hate that his beliefs caused in many white people
E is for the everlasting memory of his profession of love by all means
R is for the racism that he tried to erase

K is for the Ku Klux Klan and the evil that it has spread
I is for the influence he has had in our lives
N is for the neglect that this country has for the poor and disenfranchised
G is for GOD and how He has Created each of us as individuals yet 


Mrs. Greenwood's 5th Grade Class
Emerson Elementary School
Plainfield, NJ

by Tracy S., 13 years old
Beaumonde Heights Junior Middle School
Grade 7
Ontario, Canada

by Charlotte S., age 12

Martin Luther King,
was a brave man .
He fought for his
freedom to do as he pleased,
so his children could grow up
being free to do as they pleased,
so that all Afro Americans were free.
This I think was very  brave.

Martin Luther King Jr,
was a brave man.
He stood his ground 
when the ground got 
bumpy, he spent more than 
half his life trying to make it so 
Afro Americans are Equal .
He fought so that his children
and many other children could 
be treated as an equals,
for that I thank him even though 
I'm not black, my very best 
friend in the whole world is Afro American
I thank him.

Ray School, Grade: 6
Ray, North Dakota
Teacher: Mrs. Murschel

I Could Hear
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Written by Chisom N., Age 7 years 
February 1, 2001 

I could hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,
saying the following words just as 
he faced death: 

1) Freedom Freedom let Freedom ring, 
     I want freedom to rain, 
     Let it rain let it rain. 

2) My eyes seek for Freedom, 
    My feet walk for Freedom, 
    My hands work for Freedom. 

3) I want Freedom, 
    I will get Freedom, 
    equality and the same Rights for Blacks. 

and now from his resting place
he will be singing: 

Free at last 
Free at last 
Thank God Almighty 
We are Free at last.

Grade 2 
St. Alloysius School, 
New York, New York. 

Martin Luther King Jr.
Katrina S., age 9

        It was wonderful to be free
        And we'll always be free to be.
        He was meant to save us
        From the moment he sat on that bus.
        As he made his speech, "I have a Dream."
        He made every star shine and gleam.
        Now we are free
        And free to be.

                4th grade Falling Branch Elementary
        Christiansburg, VA.


by Jason
Andersen Elementary/Union Public Schools 
Mrs. Snowbarger 
Tulsa, OK 

Martin Luther King Jr.’s
Contribution to Society
by Kristan K., age 14

   Martin Luther King Jr. contributed so much to our society.  He made a revolution in the African American population. I would like to talk briefly about the impact that Mr. King made on that generation of people. The words, “I have a dream...” are probably the most famous words spoken by Dr. King. They have a great significance to our culture. Every year, we honor Mr. King's birthday to recognize him for his prestigious work. 

   Most African Americans look up to King for his brave and heart filled work. Dr. King has inspired many to take the next step and put forth effort in everyday conflicts. Martin Luther King Jr. got up on the podium, time after time, and put his heart and soul into something he believed. He fought for his people and was truly a leader. He is truly an admiral person in U.S. history.

   Shortly after the death of M.L.K., Jr., three young reporters (all African Americans) wrote their views of what happened and how it affected them. I will incorporate all of their ideas to form a general opinion of young African Americans during this time period. I will be using quotes from the writers that show the significance of this time period, to them.

One reporter writes, “When I was a third grader, I called a boy whose skin was darker than mine, a “nigger,” and my principal lit me up! He was white. He didn't believe that it was a good idea for me to call people of my own race names like that.” This excerpt shows signs that, deep down, the reporter feels bad about it, and at that point, got more serious about segregation. All three reporters seemed to start off having not much to say about it at first. By the end, they seemed to take segregation seriously. They all reported that it would have never been that way if it weren't for Dr. King.

I hope I have given you some insight on what I have taken in about Martin Luther King Jr. He was a fine man, with many talents. His evolution has taken one disastrous time period and turned it into a melting pot experience. He has changed the life of many and brought the Americans closer together. Martin has had a snowball effect on the culture and society on people and where they stand on these issues. His courage and life will always be remembered and honored.

Grade 8
Michigan City Junior High School


Essays on Martin Luther King, Jr.
South Asheboro Middle School
Asheboro, NC

    Martin Luther King was a man who fought for Civil Rights and never worried for his life. His speech, "I Have a Dream" is a speech no one can speak. He always had a spirit for freedom. He is a man who never said, "I am going to finish this thing." He never said, "I lose."  He always gave spirit to his people.  "I have a dream." he said in his speech, and dream has come true today because of him. He said, "This nation will rise up and be true." All his dreams have come true today. He is the only man who got the Man of the Year award time after time. He received several hundred awards.  No one will be born again like him in the coming centuries. 

by Zohaib A., 8th Grade

   Martin Luther King was a man who believed in the equality of all man no matter what the color of their skin. He also believed that no man should belong to someone else. Martin received several hundred awards for his speeches that he gave about what he believed in.

by: Jairo C. 
8th Grade

Martin Luther King Picture
by Chad

St. Bernadette Middle school

    M.L.K., JR.
by Kari E. 

   He was a good man. He won the Nobel Peace prize. He married Correta Scott. His house was bombed. He was a minister. He graduated from high school 2 years early. His most famous speech was: "I Have a Dream." He was assassinated by James Earl Ray. 

A Mighty Man
by Danielle H., age 14

Martin Luther King
was a mighty man.
He did what he could 
as an equal man.
He fought and he preached
He was never in shame
He wanted all people to 
be treated equal
and the same. 

Grade 7 
Booker T. Washington School, Maryland 

Dr. King
by Jackie O., 12 years of age

Dr. King, Dr.King
How we appreciate everything.
It was hard 
It was tough 
We always love you 
just as much
Dr. King, Dr. King
How we love thee

Grade 7
Montessori School of Albuquerque
Albuquerque, New Mexico


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