Remember! Celebrate! Act!
A Day On, Not A Day Off!!

Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
in the Year 2002


Picture by:
Steven K. & Cameron H. 
8th grade, Age 13
Greer Middle School

Written by Tessa T.
age 8, 3rd Grade

Because of him I am here,
And living in a new year.
For you see, my father is black 
and my mother is white.
MLK is the one who helped
to make this "all right".
I am living proof that he died not in vain,
But that he gave so that others could gain.
For this I am grateful and DREAM that
others will learn not to be so hateful.

A. W. Watson Elementary School.
Port Gibson, MS
Teacher: Mrs. Banks

A Great Role Model
Written by Sarah T
13 years old, 7th Grade

Dr. King was a wonderful man. 
There are so many people 
who honor him
and love him. 
He's a great role model.
He fought for a dream
and achieved it. 
Many people aren't like
Dr. King
Although every single one of us should be.

Writer From
Carl Sandburg Middle School

Written by Christopher F.

only me 
I think of 
my life in this world 
And then I think, "Is this equal?" 
Everyone should be equal. 


Mrs. Pardridge and Ms. McAdow's
4th Grade Poets

M.L.K. Jr.
 Written by Lindsay

Martin Luther King was a strong man.
He wanted freedom and justice.
But most of all peace.
He walked with many people.
His speech was famous and helped
with his mission for all to be friends.

But in 1968 he was shot.
There will always be a part of him in history, justice, and memories

Martin Luther King
Written by Holly

Martin Luther helped all.
He was great and strong.
He fought for Civil Rights.
His dream is exquisite.
He died long ago but he's still remembered 
and loved today.
I'm sure he'd love to see everyone now.
Everybody being friends, but he can't 
so we say so long.

Written by Loren

M artin Luther King Jr.
A ll rights are equal!
R emember him to this day and honor him.
T though he's gone his dream still lives on.
I have a dream!
N othing could stand in his way.

Written by Brandon
Martin Luther King you were right
about hate.
"Hate cannot drive out hate. 
Only love can do that."
In the end he was shot.
He was a good man.

A Dream
Written by Rachel
"I have a dream. . ."
said Martin Luther King Jr.
"That all men and women have equal parts!"
He fought and fought.
Then he got shot.
He sees us today having peace in U.S.A.

Martin Luther King Jr.
Written by Sarah

Martin Luther was a very kind man.
And he made a very important speech.
Remembering him is important to us.
Thank you for our freedom
Martin Luther King.

"I have a dream"
Was Martin's speech.
Now he's dead in Tennessee.
He died in 1968.
Knowing he's dead we're very sad.
I don't think he knew he'd be famous.
Now he's a very, very famous for his speech.
Generally he would like what we are doing.

The Great Speech.
Written by Jennifer

Martin Luther King Jr.,
gave a great speech.
A speech to end segregation,
to put white and black people together.
Finally after many years,
lawmakers voted to end segregation.
Even though he was shot,
his dreams and speeches,
will stay with us

Martin Luther King
Written by Coleman H.
Age 11, 6th Grade

Martin Luther King 
Is good 
Is nobel
Has hundreds of awards 
And is colored
Who does this remind you of 
Who is white 
Think about it

Martin Luther King Poem
Written by Sarah C.
Age 11,  6th Grade

King was a famous name.
He believed in freedom
For each and everyone the same.
He made speeches
He made it to fame.
He won many awards.
He was a leader in the game.
Freedom is now for everyone.
His dream finally came!!!

 Poets from
Bland County School

Martin Luther King Jr.
Written by Constant D.
age 11, 6th Grade

Martin Luther King was a good man
Martin Luther King was like a centipede 
He had a lot of hands to help him
Martin Luther King wanted Blacks and Whites to be equal
He was always going round and round
Everyone loved him in the town 
Martin was very generous and caring 
He believed in always sharing and doing what was right

Poetry from:
L.L. Campbell, Austin, Texas

Einstein Academy
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ring Loud
The Voice of Martin King
Written by Shauna R.
age 15, 10th grade
Hurry, Hurry come and see
Martin Luther King
upon Lincoln Memorial
you can hear his clear voice ring

"I have dream!" the man declares
"Of Freedom and Equality for all 
whom God cares"
He demands justice
He protests for a seamstress.
He's been tossed into the street
from a white man's local suite.
He shouts "All man should be as kin!
It shouldn't matter their color of skin!"
Clear and true, Hear his voice ring
The words of Martin Luther King.

My Martin Luther King Jr Poem
Written by:  Jessica H.
Mount Morris, PA, Grade 9
Dr. King was the man
Who worked for freedom,
In our land.
His mind was set,
He would not regret
Hardships reaching this goal.
His determination could not be
Put on hold
Because he was very bold.
Even in death he is a Hero,
He is definitely not a zero.

Memories of Martin Luther King Jr.
Written by Erin H.
Mt. Morris, PA  9th grade

Martin Luther King fought for people's rights
all over the land.
So they could stand without a hand.
What a great man
to work so hard
For all his fellow men.
He was shot,
But not forgot.
Year by year we
Celebrate and cheer in
Memory of his kindness.

Martin Luther King, Jr
 Written by Sharon E.
Age 15, 9th grade
Coatesville, PA


The sun rose.

You went outside to play
with your friends;
"You can't play with them
because they're white and
you're black,"
you were told.

You were hurt,
and felt it wasn't right.

You wanted to help
everyone to have a better

You wanted all to have
You wanted us to be equal
with our neighbors.

Many loved you;
and many hated you.

You did your best.

When the gun shot was
the sun set.

But you have helped us.
You helped bring freedom
to this place.

May we not forget you.


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