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Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
in the Year 2005









Martin Luther King Jr.  

Written By:

 Jese K and Mackenzie H

Age 11   Grade 5

Northwestern Elementary School

Poplar, WI


Martin had a dream,

To prove that every man,

Woman, and child,

Black or white were born equal.

 But it all changed in the year of


He could not play with his friends,

Go to the same school,

He even couldn’t go on the same parts,

Of the bus.

But when Martin got older,

He remembered his dream.

That he could make a law that every

Man, woman, and child, black or white

Would be together.

Martin tried and tried,

And one day before we knew it,

Martin was shot.

People wanted to go on about his work

And together they did.  

Now we're together living in the same world

Make the world a better place,

Like Martin Luther King Jr. 








O.H. Perry School

Boston, MA





Sandy's Secondary Middle School


Grade 6 (M1Yellow)


Andrew F., Age 11



M. L. King

Shawn Herman, age 11

M. L. King was a preacher.

M. L. King was a leader.

He wanted everybody

To love one another.

That was his dream.


Martin Luther King, Jr.
Shakira Amory, Age: 11

When Martin Luther King died, I cried.

When he was in jail, I was worried.

When he couldn't play with his friends,

I thought something was going to happen to him.

When all those people got washed with the hose,

some of them weren't mothers or fathers,

they were children.

Today we should pray for love and courage

to always stand up for what is right.



Martin Luther King

Aaden M.

Age 12; Grade 7

Rye Junior High School


Martin Luther King you helped the black nation out

when their hearts were filled with sorrow

when their hearts were filled with doubt.

You were an inspiration to many with a long struggle ahead

Giving strength in your crusade with the marches you led.

You spoke of God's love from high above.

You thought the answers were thru peace and love.

Though others were against you, you were strong and brave

For a noble cause, your life, you gave. 


A Man of Dignity


In all the years of his life he gave it all,

Through triumph and adversity he did not fall.

With all he had, he gave with heart,

So that no person would feel torn apart.

He gave his love, he gave his life,

Martin was never the martyr just showing his strife.

Martin showed us his courage and his grace,

He left us with a glimmer of hope for the human race.

He gave us his faith, his dream, and his love,

Then he left us to watch from above.

We were so privileged to have him with us,

He showed us his strength fighting to ride a bus!



Dr. King

 and the Civil Rights Movement


Kristin S., 13

8th gradeBrandon, MS

Northwest Rankin Middle School


Martin Luther King, Jr., did many things to help during the civil rights movement. King gave many speeches to help get people to support equal rights and to get the government to give African Americans their rights. He also helped lead many marches and nonviolent protest during his life time. Those are some ways Martin Luther King helped in the civil rights movement. 



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