Remember! Celebrate! Act!
A Day On, Not A Day Off!!

Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
in the Year 2006

by Jourdyn C
8th grade
Two Rivers Middle Magnet School





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I Have A Dream Too


I Have a Dream

It is neither too big nor too small

But it is a dream that is deeply rooted in us all

Black, White, Brown

No matter what color

It involves us all sticking together

To fight the same battle

We will not hesitate to show compassion for each other

And we will never look down on one another,

But we will look back and remember the Struggle

And all the brave people who risked their very own lives to save ours

And To see to it that one day we would be able to not only continue to Dream but to make our dream a Reality


Written By Mrs. Felecia  1/13/2006

Technology Instructor for the Laura Cansler Boys and Girls Club






Dream big

Rights for colored people


Martin was a great man

Really loved all races

Talented and smart

Intelligent and bright

Leader not a follower

Unique in his own way

The bus boycott was successful

Honor him everyday

Equality was his mo-do

Remember that he saved you

King and a believer of God

Interesting to study about

Never gives up

Get to work!




by Jasmine K.



Poem For Dr. King

"I have a dream that one day,
 little Black boys and Black girls will
 be brothers and sisters with everyone."
Dr. Martin Luther King was a great man.
He would not give up his dream
 for Black people,
White people,
Mexican people
and all other people,
to be brothers and sisters.
Samuel Q.
Kennett Square, PA
Age:  11
Kennett Middle School
Grade: 6 ESL
Ms. Crawford


Submitted By
Hridaya R,
W. Bloomfield, MI
Age 9, Early Elementary, 4th Grade
Ms. Reddick's class
Who is Martin Luther King?

Martin Luther King is someone

we turn to when or spirits need a lift.

Martin Luther King is someone

we treasure for our friendship as a gift.

Martin Luther King is someone

who fills our lives with beauty, joy, and grace

and makes the whole world we live in

a better and happier place.  

by Chloe A.
West Bloomfield Mi


O.H. Perry School
South Boston, MA




About Dr. M. L. King, Jr.

M. L. King wanted white kids and brown

kids to go to school together, and now it has happened.  

Back then, black kids and white kids could not play together.

But now they can.

Dr. M. L. King Jr. was a really good person.

But he is dead. That is not fair.

He was born on 501 Auburn Ave in Atlanta.

He went to school at Boston University.

 by Julia P. and Mary F., grade 2






What Dr. King Would Sing

"I have a dream, I have a dream

That's what Dr. King would sing.

Let freedom ring, let freedom ring

His hopes and wishes to all men he would bring.

They killed the man but hey can't kill the dream!


by Zachary L

Ealy school, 4th grade

9 years old

West Bloomfield, Michigan






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