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Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
in the Year 2007


Chris, Vineland Ontario 
Age:14 Gade:9 
Eden High School

Dr. King Essay

   Dr. Martin Luther King wanted freedom. He believed in nonviolence. He wanted black people to have the same rights as white people. He gave speeches. When he started marching, he would not let anything get in his way. Dogs chased him. All kinds of people screamed why he's wrong for marching. He knew he was not wrong. So he kept on marching and would not let anything get in his way.

   He was right. He was the one who made the world how it is now. He made the world change. He gave us freedom. We could not even eat. We could not use the bathroom.   Dr. Martin Luther King was a good person. He went through a lot of trouble. He went to jail two times just to give us freedom. I think nobody should have killed him. Somebody shot Martin with a gun. 

Terrance M., Age: 9
Whitney Houston Academy, Grade 4
East Orange, NJ


Remembering Dr. King

             Martin Luther KIng Jr. was more than just a man, he was a saint. He was put on this earth for one sole purpose, and that was to fight racism. He was born with determination, so that he never gave up. He was born with a vision sothat he could share it with the world and make peace. Lastly he was born equal, like you and I. Though he won many awards, we don't remember him by medals but for what he died for. Even though he's gone now we'll still talk of him for years to come.

Deanna P. and Leigh V.
Eden High School
St. Catharines, ON

An Amazing Man

         I think Martin Luther King Jr. was an amazing man. He saw the major flaw in our country, and actually TRIED to fix it. He knew that how people of different races being treated the way they were was unfair and unjust. He then took a stand for what he believed in, and he DID make a difference. The important thing is that he tried; it is nice that it helped. He brought forth some things that certain people didn't want to hear and face. He definitely was brave and an amazing man.

Danielle H.
Eden High School
 St. Catharines, ON

An Inspiration

         Learning more about Martin Luther King Junior has been very encouraging for me, due to Mr. Martin Luther King Junior’s exciting and fulfilling life. Reading about him has made me stop and think about what really matters in life, and I aspire to be like Martin Luther King Junior and stand up for what I believe in. He did what no other human being had the courage or talent to do. Martin Luther King Junior took life head on and did not back down no matter what people told him or the actions they displayed towards him. What he did was absolutely amazing, and without him we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Woody & Dorothy Wiens


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